DERBYSHIRE PONY TREKKING In Riding Horses We Borrow Freedom
  DERBYSHIRE PONY TREKKING In Riding Horses We Borrow Freedom


COVID19 UPDATE 29/3/2021


We are pleased to announce that we can re-open from 29th March 2021 


and are operating as normal, we can now offer larger groups if requested and


beginner & children requiring lead reins (leading the horse on foot) are now





Special Measures for Riding


We still request that all riders wear clean riding gloves whilst mounted and a 


face mask whilst mounting and dismounting. Social distancing must still be


applied whilst on the yard and minimal contact to surfaces.



On Arrival


We ask that on arrival you wait until we open the gate and once parked please


remain in your car until advised. On your first time with us (or if you havent


visited us since the last lockdown) we will require that


you bring your own pens to fill out our registration forms.




Helmet Hire


Anyone wishing to hire helmets can still do so at a cost of £1 per person, we are


disinfecting them after each individual use.



High Visability Vests


We prefer if you can bring your own high viz but if you don't have any then we


can hire them at a cost of £1 per person. We are washing them after each


individual use.



Hand washing/sanitising


We have hand sanitiser dotted around the yard and also a hand wash basin.



Thanks for all your support during these strange times and we look forward to


welcoming you all back!